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We are running two learning programmes to explore how the map for the future offered by the PACT can be applied in a real-life context. The programmes are for:

  • community and voluntary organisations

  • arts groups

These programmes began during the Summer/Autumn of 2020: a time of significant disruption and adversity for those working in the charity and arts sectors. Inevitably, participants wanted to respond to current events and challenges they and the communities they serve faced (such as the Covid-19 pandemic and our society’s growing interest in issues of anti-racism). But despite this some core questions about power, accountability, connection, and trust remain significant.


The following questions underlie both learning programmes:

  • How aware are we of the power and privilege we have? How do we use that power? Do we share that power well?

  • Who are we most accountable to in our work? Is it Government? Funders? Or is it the people and communities we exist to serve?

  • How connected are we with people from different backgrounds in our community and in our work? Following the coronavirus pandemic, how have the challenges of 'connection', opportunity, and oppression surfaced in our society?

  • How do we build and sustain the trust of those people and communities we exist to serve?


We are examining these and other questions with both learning cohorts through a series of facilitated sessions and action-learning activities.


The programmes are running until May 2021. In addition we will be running some open-access events between January and  May 2021 for those interested in these topics to share learning from the programme and invite others to contribute their learning on these issues within civil society.

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