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Are you PACT?

Updated: Jul 29, 2022

In this series of podcasts we're getting to grips with the hot topics raised during the PACT Pioneer programme.

Does the arts sector have a blind spot when it comes to anti-racism? What power do White leaders have and how can they use it to empower people from Black and minoritized communities? In a sector that values self-expression so highly, do we require Black artists to hide a part of themselves?

In these podcasts, facilitators on the PACT programme discuss what they've learnt about the arts sector and how it needs to respond to some of the challenges ahead.

In the first podcast, 'Power and accountability', we discuss:

  • are White leaders blind to the power they wield?

  • what does it mean to be racialised in the arts space?

  • what are the ways people shut down debates about race equality... without making it seem like they're shutting down debates about race equality?

In the second podcast, 'Connection and trust', we get to grips with:

  • how leaders can take accountability for the harm they have done to others

  • how we create a shared meaning for the connections, symbols, and language that make up our culture

  • how leaders can be authentic in a polarised world


Remember, we have launched a new programme for voluntary sector leaders who want to understand more about power, and anti-racism.

If you're ready for a high-intensity, anti-racist workout join us for the PACT programme 2022.


Listen to 'Are you PACT?'...

Power and accountability

Connection and trust

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