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The global pandemic has caused people and organisations across the world to abandon countless long-cherished plans – whether those be for summer holidays or product launches. Events which have gone ahead have been delivered in radically different ways, such as the first ever virtual London marathon which saw an elite race around St James’ Park in the capital and tens of thousands of athletes across the country and beyond running 26.2 miles wherever they happened to be.

Reflecting on the impact of this global uncertainty, Jan Garrill of Two Ridings Community Fund said:

The crisis has helped us to revert to core values. With so much uncertainty, we’ve put our 3 year plan on hold and we’re using this space to re-assess our long term role, in our community. In all this uncertainty, what we can be certain about is our values. It’s our values (personal or organisational) that get us through. We have been asking - What are we here for, what difference are we making?

Jan Garrill is a participant on the PACT Pioneer programme which is supporting 16 civil society leaders to try to bring to life in their organisations the principles of highlighted in the report into the future of civil society

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